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By IAN FAILES Christopher S. Ross checks the scale convergence of the Hades Landscape. The artist drew the black silhouettes, in progressively reduced scales, over Virgil Mirano’s reference photography of the El Segundo refinery. They were arranged on 12” x 24” artboard panels from which lithographic films were made. The acid-etching supplier used the films […]

Aardman’s new YouTube channel to share the work of independent animators

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By Miriam Harris Iconic UK animation studio Aardman Animations (best known for Chicken Run, Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep,  Morph) has launched a new YouTube channel dedicated to selecting quality work by independent animators (fresh, and already established) and sharing it to thousands of online subscribers.  AardBoiled will run alongside Aardman’s 17 other channels. It’s purpose is to […]

Game of Thrones Season 7 VFX breakdowns revealed

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By Neil Bennett See the VFX work of Mackevision, Zoic and more as we go behind-the-scenes on the new series of Game of Thrones (with spoilers, obviously). Rushed, plot- and action-heavy – and more than a little silly in places – Season 7 of Game of the Thrones has just concluded, and the visual effects houses who […]

10 Reasons To Use An Explainer Video To Pitch Your Services

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By John Rampton, It’s no secret that video marketing is a major trend.  User engagement with video material is higher than other forms of content, video is more accessible than ever before (thanks to mobile devices and faster Internet), and it’s easier to produce than it has been in previous generations. According to Dan Patterson, […]


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Epic storytelling and epic visual effects are now the trademark of Game of Thrones. Here’s a look back at some of the big VFX moments from recent seasons  of the TV show, and the visual effects studios behind them. By IAN FAILES 1. THE FIGHT TO THE WIGHTS 1. TAKING THE FIGHT TO THE WIGHTS Hodor (Kristian […]

Behind the Vfx of Wonder Woman’s Secret Island Home

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By IAN FAILES In Wonder Woman, the newest installment in the DC Extended Universe film franchise, director Patty Jenkins relied on a significant but seamless visual effects effort to help realize Diana Prince’s (Gal Gadot) hidden island home of Themyscira. Double Negative produced digital environments and other effects to depict the island, while MPC worked […]